Async actor tests


import logging
import testing

actor MathTester():
    def add(a, b):
        return a + b

actor AsyncTester(report_result, log_handler):
    log = logging.Logger(log_handler)
    def test():"AsyncTester.test()", None)
        report_result(True, None)

def _test_asyncact1(report_result: action(?bool, ?Exception) -> None, log_handler: logging.Handler) -> None:
    """A test using actors and asynchronous control flow"""
    # We make use of an actor as the central point for running our test logic.
    # This _test_asyncact function is just a wrapper picked up by the acton
    # test framework runner
    s = AsyncTester(report_result, log_handler)


acton test


Building project in /home/user/foo
  Compiling example.act for release
   Finished compilation in   0.028 s
  Final compilation step
   Finished final compilation step in   0.516 s

Tests - module example:
  asyncact1:             OK: 1171 runs in 56.181ms

All 1 tests passed (0.695s)

If a particular module is written to be called asynchronously, you will need to use asynchronous tests to test it.